Step 8 — Student Practitioner, Level 2 Written & Field Exams

Step 8 — Student Practitioner, Level 2 Written and Field Exams

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    After one year of working in the field and developing a clientele as a Level 1 SP, you are ready to advance to the final phase of your training as a Student Practitioner, Level 2. Successful completion of this training leads to full "Practitioner" status. The SP-L2 training period is one year and includes the following requirements:

  • Payment of dues to the AANHCP.
  • Written report on a topic assigned by the ISNHCP.
  • Final written exam.
  • One day clinic with Jaime Jackson.
  • Final field exam.

Payment of dues to the AANHCP

     All ISNHCP students and graduates posted on the AANHCP website are required to pay annual dues. Go here to pay your dues.

     After paying your dues, your practitioner status will be upgraded to SP, Level 2. Confirm that your contact information posted on the AANHCP website's practitioner locator list is up to date. If there are any changes to be made, email those to the AANHCP.

Written report on a topic assigned by the ISNHCP

     The ISNHCP requires that its L2 student practitioners write and submit a report on an important facet of natural hoof care. Guidelines for the report are located in the ISNHCP Training Manual.

     There is a $50 evaluation fee for your report. Pay your fee here. Exceptional reports may be published on the AANHCP website.

Final written exam

     As with your Step 6 exam, the Step 8 written exam is also taken online and there is a $35 fee to take the exam and have it evaluated. Register here. The ISNHCP will send you a link to connect you to the online exam after you register.The ISNHCP will notify you of the results.

One day clinic with Jaime Jackson

     Students who did not take their Step 2 Cadaver Trimming Clinic or the Optional 2 Day Natural Trim Clinic with Jaime Jackson are required to take this one day cadaver trim and sequencing clinic with him before taking their Step 8 (Student Practitioner, Level 2) Final Field Exam. The final exam can be scheduled at the ISNHCP Field Headquarters with Jaime Jackson on the morning following the day-long cadaver trimming and sequencing clinic. 

     The clinic fee is $750 and is paid here. Note: two students may arrange in advance to take this clinic together, in which the clinic fee drops to $500 per student.

Final field exam

     The final field exam follows the 1 Day Natural Trim Clinic with Jaime Jackson. The exam includes trimming and sequencing one horse to NHC guidelines, without assistance from the examining clinician, and in less than one hour.

     You must schedule your field exam with any one of the clinicians listed on the "Meet Our Clinicians" menu. The fee for taking the field exam is $250 paid directly to your selected clinician. Do not pay the ISNHCP. If you are taking your field exam with Jaime Jackson, pay here.

     Your clinician will file their examination report with the ISNHCP. It will include a recommendation to pass or fail you. If "fail," their report will include what the problems were and what you should do to correct them.

     The ISNHCP will notify you of the results of your field exam.

Examination Results

     If you pass both exams, you may proceed to Step 9. If you fail one or both exams, the ISNHCP will inform you what you can do at that point to correct your deficiencies so that you can reexamine with the intent of continuing with the training program.